Write the Story only You can tell

Hi! I am Courtney Harrell, a certified Story Grid developmental editor, a novelist, screenwriter, and 20-year film industry veteran. I believe we infuse our stories with the experiences that shape us and I help authors mine those experiences to discover the stories only they can tell.


As writers, we must use the creative and analytical sides of our brains in order to tell the best story possible in the best way possible.


I help authors transform their ideas into manuscripts and manuscripts into finished works.


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**Services and cost subject to change based on writer’s needs and project.

Manuscript Diagnostic Analysis
Cost: $997


For any finished manuscripts up to 80k words

Find out what’s working and specific ways to improve what isn’t




– 6 core Story questions answered that will provide a general overview of your entire manuscript
– An in-depth Story Grid spreadsheet analysis of your first five scenes
– A one-hour phone call consultation + recording
– A next-steps recommendation letter with clear directions for heading

into your next draft
– Genre-specific resources and masterwork recommendations to study
– A copy of The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne

Weekly Story Coaching
Cost: $500 per month


Great for taking an idea to completion or for moving through a draft revision after a Manuscript Analysis




– Weekly 1-hour phone call consultation (booked in 4 week increments)

– Recording of call
– Continued discussion and analysis of your work
– Writing assignments to keep you moving forward


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